Our History

Horace Moses, then President of the Strathmore Paper Company, started Junior Achievement (JA) in 1919 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Mr. Moses decided it was necessary to introduce teenagers to concepts of business and manufacturing so that, once they were old enough to enter the workforce, they would possess the skills needed to succeed in the industrialised cities.

For its first 20 years, Junior Achievement operated the Company Programme, an after school programme in which business people helped students set up student managed enterprises. Beginning in the mid 1970’s Junior Achievement created programmes that could be implemented in school during school hours.

By the 1990s Junior Achievement had developed comprehensive primary and secondary school programmes focusing on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

Junior Achievement was originally set up in the Isle of Man in 1982 under the umbrella of Young Enterprise UK. Junior Achievement Isle of Man became a member of JA-YE Europe, independent from the UK in 2004.

Junior Achievement Isle of Man is a member of Europe’s largest provider of educational programmes reaching 3.2 million students in 39 countriesand has been endorsed as best practice by the European Commission.