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Network Of Opportunities

JA Alumni Isle of Man is a community of like-minded young people who have taken part in the JA Company Programme. Our network is designed to help inspire, challenge, inform and motivate.

Share the Knowledge

Being part of JA Alumni means you will have access to other individuals who are happy to share their experiences and listen to yours. Sharing your knowledge can open a whole new world of opportunities. You may find yourself learning a new skill or meeting your next business partner.

Be Yourself

Everyone wants to be themselves and that is exactly what JA Alumni is about. No matter what your background we are one big network who all want to have some fun and share our passion for entrepreneurship and leadership.

Meet new People

By attending our events you will, without doubt meet new people and since there are over 9000 JA Alumni members in Europe you will not be short of people to meet.

Attend European events

Every year there are many European events which only JA Alumni members can attend. The biggest is the JA Alumni Conference (JAAC) which takes place every year and is where Alumni from all over Europe get together to learn, inspire, network and have fun.