Junior Achievement’s bank of volunteers boosted thanks to Lloyds

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Junior Achievement Isle of Man’s target to recruit 100 new volunteers in 2019 – the year in which Junior Achievement worldwide celebrates its 100th anniversary – has been given a welcome boost after more than 20 Lloyds Bank International employees came forward to support the educational charity’s work in the island’s schools.

Lloyds’ ambassador for Junior Achievement and the bank’s commercial customer services manager Vikki Bolton has been a volunteer for more than 10 years. She said: ‘To go into a classroom of young people and know that by the end of the day you’ve been responsible for helping them to develop their life skills is why I volunteer.

‘When you volunteer for JA you’re not only making a very real contribution to preparing young people for life and the world of work, but you’re also gaining confidence for your own work situations, such as delivering a presentation or leading a team meeting. Volunteering for JA, the students benefit, the volunteers benefit and everyone involved derives a sense of achievement.’

Assistant relationship manager and committed JA volunteer Luke Adebiyi said: ‘Working in classrooms delivering JA programmes is a big contrast to the digital age we all live in. The practical life skills we’re equipping young people with help them to become more independent and better prepared for the big wide world.

‘Volunteering is inspiring and life-changing and creates a different mindset. You can bring the new-found skills and confidence you’ve gained in the classroom into the workplace, so it’s enriching your professional life and helps you to advance your career.’

Senior manager Dan Stevenson first became involved in JA in 1998. He said: ‘I can honestly say the skills and experience I developed while involved in JA have helped my career progress.

‘I’ve also seen how JA’s programmes have evolved to reflect the changing landscape of the world of work.

‘I am now a proactive advocate of JA and I recommend getting involved to many of my team whom I see have the potential to progress in our organisation. I know first-hand that the best development for them is to step outside of their comfort zone and go educate a group of Manx students while educating themselves.’

JA volunteer and events coordinator Jo Pack said: ‘We’re very grateful to Lloyds for their long-standing support of Junior Achievement and I’m delighted that they find volunteering so rewarding.

‘We welcome volunteer applications from people of all ages, in employment or retired, from all business backgrounds. For young people to be able to engage with business professionals and learn from their experience is enormously beneficial in the process of equipping students for life beyond the classroom at a time when the global jobs market is becoming increasingly competitive.’

To find out more about volunteering contact Jo Pack, 666266, jo.pack@jaiom.im.
Each academic year educational charity Junior Achievement runs classroom-based programmes to help more than 5,500 students in the Isle of Man make the connection between school and the world of work, enabling them to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed. Find out more at jaiom.im