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Friday 22 September 2023

Unlocking Opportunities: Connecting Isle of Man's Youth to Bright Futures with Junior Achievement's New Website

In January 2024, Junior Achievement will be launching a new website for young people under the age of 25 to connect with job opportunities in the Isle of Man.

The Z Zurich Foundation is supporting this three-year project.

Research carried out by Junior Achievement demonstrates that young people are not aware of opportunities on the Isle of Man and 80% stated they would not apply for a job if they did not understand the job description (you can look at the full results here). 

The website will:

  • Showcase industries on the Isle of Man
  • List vacancies for young people, including Saturday jobs, part-time, full-time, internships and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Provide tools to help get a job, i.e. how to interview, build your skills and write a cover letter
  • Explore different job sectors
  • Create and store a free CV 
  • Promote careers events
  • Offer the opportunity to take part in a mock interview programme
  • Give details on how to start a business
  • Include JA programmes
  • Provide job alerts
  • Promote ‘Youth Champion Employers’

Some of the benefits to the wider community will include:

  • Providing young people with paid work experience
  • Solving staff shortages being experienced by some employers
  • Allowing young people to build the essential employability skills they will need to go on their CV
  • Helping young people to earn money to alleviate some of the financial burden being placed on families
  • Using our extensive network of connections, Junior Achievement will bring together young people and employers through this new careers portal
  • Encouraging Graduates to return to the Isle of Man


If you would like to know more about this project, please email Sue Cook [email protected] or call 666266

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