Tourism Challenge

Age Range 11 – 13


In this programme students are split into teams within their tutor group. Each of these groups will be given the chance to create a new event to help attract visitors to the Isle of Man.

The groups will each pitch their idea to the rest of the class. At the end of the groups’ presentations the class will be given the opportunity to vote which event they think is the best idea to take forward to the final round.

The elected group from each class will present their idea to a group of judges. The overall winners will be presented with the JA Tourism Challenge Trophy.

The rest of the students are encouraged to watch the presentations.

By the end of this challenge students will:

  • Improve their team working skills by cooperating with each other to get a task completed
  • develop their communication skills by voicing their ideas and listening to contributions from other team members
  • manage and organise their time effectively to get the challenge completed
  • improve their creativity skills by using their imagination to come up with a new idea to help attract tourists to the Isle of Man