Volunteer Business Mentor

Your role

An Adviser treads a careful line between leading the students (Achievers) through the experience and enabling them to run things for themselves. It is a difficult skill to master but is an invaluable transferable management technique. It demands tremendous concentration on how a meeting or work session is progressing and sensitivity to individuals and the dynamics of the group. Choosing when and how to intervene is a matter of careful judgement and the essence of being a good Adviser.

Time commitments

It is required for you to attend a weekly meeting during term time at the students school (please see times below). If you have a lot of trips planned off Island, it is unlikely that you will be able to make the commitment needed. You will also be required to attend briefing meetings at the JA office for approximately an hour two to three times a year.

QE2 – Wednesday morning

Ramsey Grammar – Wednesday morning

Castle Rushen – Thursday afternoon (2pm)

What is in it for me?

This is an opportunity for you to use your business and life experience to help develop the employability skills of young people.

Please click here for more information on being a mentor or contact Joy by calling 666266 or emailing joy.spence@jaiom.im