Our Loyalty Card for You

At Junior Achievement, we deeply value the knowledge-sharing and impact that our dedicated volunteers bring to our students' lives. To express our gratitude, we proudly present the JA Loyalty Card.

This card is more than just plastic; it's a heartfelt token of our appreciation. It symbolises our recognition of the countless hours our volunteers dedicate to mentoring the next generation. It's our way of saying "thank you" for their invaluable contributions to our charitable mission.

Sponsored by PDMS

We are delighted to announce that the JA Loyalty Card program has been made possible through the generous sponsorship of PDMS. Their support reflects a shared commitment to fostering education and community engagement. With PDMS by our side, we can now offer our dedicated volunteers even more reasons to smile.

How it works

1. Personalised Card: Each JA volunteer will receive a personalised JA Loyalty Card with their name on it and expiry date. This card is a symbol of recognition for their valuable contributions to our mission.

2. Non-Transferable: The JA Loyalty Card is non-transferable, meaning it can only be used by the volunteer to whom it was issued. This ensures that the benefits are exclusively for our volunteers who have donated their time and effort to support our students.

3. Present the Card: To avail of the discounts and benefits offered by our JA business partners, volunteers simply need to present their JA Loyalty Card before making a purchase or payment. Businesses may ask for proof of ID. 

4. Enjoy Discounts: Once the JA Loyalty Card is presented, volunteers can enjoy special discounts and offers at our partner establishments.

5. Supporting Our Mission: By using the JA Loyalty Card, volunteers not only enjoy personal benefits but also contribute to the continued success of our programmes. The support of our volunteers and the collaboration of our business partners help us in our mission to empower and inspire the next generation.

Where can I use my Loyalty Card

When you're ready to enjoy the fantastic benefits of your JA Loyalty Card, all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Below, you can find the different participating businesses, their website and the exclusive discounts they offer to our dedicated volunteers. 


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