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Welcome to the JA Company Programme, the world’s top entrepreneurial programme for young people in education.

The programme runs from September to March and during this time you will be supported by a Volunteer Business Mentor.

Once you have completed the Company Programme you will also have the option to take part in Gen-E, Europe's Largest Entrepreneurship Event.

To help you run your student company download this helpful guide.

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Past Winners


Product: The SensoGuard is a smart glove, tailored to the blind and visually impaired


Product: ERA (Easy Reading Assistant). A versatile intuitive app that can assist people who struggle with any reading difficulty.


Product: H2sOap. A table, when added to water, creates hand soap.


Product: Paper soap that disintegrates after washing.

Competition 2023

Visit our YouTube channel @JAISLEOFMAN to look at the highlights of previous years! 

The JA Company Programme is proudly sponsored by HSBC Channel Islands & Isle of Man.