This exciting event is open to all student companies.

‘Pitch it’ is the chance to sell your product/service to a group of business professionals and to win investment in your company.

To take part there are two things you will need to do. Firstly, you will need to submit a two-page report on your business by no later than Friday 15 December.

You will be asked to give a pitch/presentation to the judges.

Use this template for your report

In January, a panel of business leaders will visit your school and you will get the chance to present your idea face-to-face.

To qualify to take part in ‘Pitch it’ your company must be able to do one of the following:

  • already be selling a product/service
  • demonstrate that you have ordered your product/service
  • If you are developing a brand new product/service you must have a working prototype and the costs of manufacture

Remember that to qualify for the finals of the Company Programme in March you must take part in ‘Pitch it’.

What you should include in your presentation

  1. Describe in full your product or service including the features and benefits
  2. Describe what problem you are solving with your product or service
  3. Show the judges who are your target market and what research you have undertaken
  4. Describe what makes you different from your competitors
  5. Include your finances. For example, the cost, profit margin, how much money you have and how many sales you plan to make
  6. Talk about your future plans
  7. Finally convince the judges why they should invest in your business
Upload your report here

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